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You have come to the right place for the greatest collection of fine pen-and-ink drawings of cityscapes, famous buildings and other well-known sights of the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Our drawings portray the current situation in a nostalgic ambiance, resulting in a timeless addition to any interior. Compose your own unique picture from the approximately 1900 pen-and-ink drawings and over 50 framing possibilities. A bespoke drawing is a tasteful way to immortalize your house or other object, or to boast about where you’re from or the places you have been. Perfect for yourself, as a gift or as a promotional gift.

Reinoud Brandt Drawings was founded in 1982 by the artist, Reinoud Brandt. You may have seen our work through the years at one of the many art fairs or markets, or hanging on someone’s wall. Over the course of the past decades we have expanded into an internationally-operating company working on both large and small scale with gift shops, art galleries, mulitnational corporations and (local) governments.

There’s a good chance that our collection already contains drawings of places that have a special meaning for you, so consult our index to find out. Ordering online is easy, and the drawings will be sent to your home or business.

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The possibilities are endless

Besides single framed drawings, we also offer combination frames that allow you to combine multiple drawings in one frame. Choose a frame and fill it with a selection of your favourite drawings. Click here to explore the possibilities:

Framing options

Drawings from just about everywhere

From Iceland to South-Africa and from Dubai to Canada: Reinoud Brandt’s pen-and-ink drawings grace the walls of thousands of living rooms throughout the world. Since our beginnings in 1982, we have drawn almost 2,000 unique compositions and sold hundreds of thousands of framed pictures.

Our collection includes 180 Dutch cities and towns, as well as large collections of many European and North American cityscapes. By request we have added other drawings through the years, such as tulips, boats and animals.

Personal gifts

Are you looking for an original gift? Our pictures and combination frames are always unique and therefore thoughtful and personal. What’s more, they are compact, easy to transport, recognizable and very collectible. We garantee the highest quality in materials and craftmanship. A drawing by Reinoud Brandt is always a welcome gift.

Not sure what to choose? Consider a gift voucher.

Tasteful promotional gifts

Ideal promotional gifts for employees and business contacts, our pictures and combination pictures are unique, very recognizable, timeless and always appreciated.

We are proud to count Shell, Keukenhof, Schiphol and the Amstel Hotel among our clientele. We have also done business with various government agencies, including the Dutch Ministry of Defense, the city of Voorburg-Leidschendam and the International Court of Justice in the Hague, among many others.

Contact us to discuss the many options.

We draw on commission

Would you like an original, bespoke drawing by Reinoud Brandt to hang on your wall or give someone special as a gift? We draw on commission. You have come to the right address for a drawing of your house in our characteristic nostalgic style. Or give your son or daughter the graduation present of a lifetime: a unique, framed collage with drawings of the places they have lived during their college career, their sports, hobbies or other interests.

Original work

Would you like to own the original of one of the drawings in our collection? You can order each original drawing as is, matted, or matted and framed.

  • Contact us for more information. Please include the drawing you wish to order and the format desired.

Pay online: convenient and secure

You can order our drawings easily by adding them to your shopping cart. Payment online is fast and secure. We accept iDeal, credit cards, PayPal or Bancontact/MisterCash. You can also pay by bank transfer, or with cash if you rather come to collect your order.





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How do our frames look on your wall?

Our frames make a tasteful addition to your decoration. Are you curious how this could look on your wall? You can see some examples here. Please contact us if you prefer to see our frames in person.